Wiring Covers

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1 3SP Chrome Wire Loom 3SP Chrome Split Wire Loom

Chrome Split Wire Loom

This plastic split wire loom allows you to clean up that ugly wiring under the hood. Choose our chrome wire loom to make your engine compartment beautiful again. Available in sizes 3/4", 1/2", 3/8", 1/4" pre-packaged.. 1/4" is 20' long. 3/8" is 12' long. 1/2" is 8' long. 3/4" is 6' long

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1 CO-WL0625-41CHR Chrome Loom Chrome Wire Loom 5/8 dia. X 39 inch length High heat rated

Chrome Wire Loom 5/8 dia. X 39 inch length High heat rated

Bentley-Harris ConvoShield™ chrome loom was designed to provide thermal protection for components in radiant heat environments. Bentley Harris sleeving is composed of a nylon copolymer base substrate and a highly reflective coating, this product provides protection for wires, cables, and hoses in applications that have heat source temperatures as high as 500°C (1000°F). Conveniently, Bentley-Harris sleeving is slit lengthwise for easy installation.  The reflective surface of Bentley-Harris ConvoShield™ chrome loom is extremely resistant to several industry fluids and also shows enhanced...


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