Brake Rotors


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1 G2 Caliper Hi-Temp Paint Kit G2 High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint System

G2 High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint System

About this Manufacturer: We used to paint our brake calipers the same way everyone else we knew used to do it: with an off-the-shelf rattle-can in our favorite color. The problem was, it looked like a rattle-can paint job, especially once it started flaking off. Even with some good prep work, normal paint just isn't made to take the extreme heat of a braking system, and that's where G2's line of high-temperature paint kits come in. Starting with a line of specially designed paints and prepping agents, G2 eventually expanded its line to include engine paint kits, and specially made cleaners....

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1 Plastikote CP Caliper Paint Plastikote Caliper Paint Spray Can

Plastikote Caliper Paint Spray Can

About this Manufacturer: Valspar is undeniably one of the finest paint manufacturers in existence, so with its PlastiKote brand of aerosol paints and specialty coatings, you know you're getting quality and value. Primers, fabric paints, touch-up paints, and even truck bed liner kits are all part of PlastiKote's repertoire, and we've had a lot of success in the past with items such as its engine and caliper paints. We've even painted a couple of BMX bike frames with PlastiKote's Metal Flake paint with good results. Using aerosol spray paint can be a challenge, but if you're careful and prep...

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