Taillight Covers

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1 Webelectric STS-1 Light Kit Webelectric Webelectric Universal Sequential Flasher Kit

Webelectric Universal Sequential Flasher Kit

     If you have two or more turn signal filaments on each side of your car, you can add the STS-1, STS-2, or STS-4 Sequencer Kit and really indicate your intentions. These modules feature sophisticated electronics that automatically adjust the sequencing speed to match the turn signal flasher in your car. While other products offer you fixed timing or complicated manual adjustments, our modules sense your car's flasher speed and adjust the 1-2-3 sequence timing for you. Want more separation between individual lamps? Just put in a slower flasher! If your car has combination...


1 VHT SP999 Nite Shades VHT VHT Nite Shades Taillight Blackout Paint

VHT Nite Shades Taillight Blackout Paint

About this Manufacturer: Everyone knows that when it comes to paint, you get out what you put in. Basically, if you don't do the proper prep work and take your time painting, you might as well not even try since the results will be less than satisfactory. But, what if you do put in all the time, and things still aren't right? VHT paint will make sure that that doesn't happen. VHT produces specialty paints and dyes that are specially formulated for specific uses, such as brake components, engine blocks, and upholstery. And because VHT is a Sherwin-Williams brand, you know you don't have to...


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